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    Event Calendar

    Wednesday, May 20, 2020

    Webinar: Are Your Risk Plans Updated for the Next Disruption?

    Start Date: 5/20/2020 11:30 AM CDT
    End Date: 5/20/2020 12:00 PM CDT

    Venue Name: Webinar

    IL  United States 

    Organization Name: Technology & Manufacturing Association

    Cori D'Onofrio
    Email: cdonofrio@tmaillinois.org
    Phone: 847-282-4714

    To register, click HERE to be directed to IMEC's registration page.

    Disruption is a change from the normal – and 2020 is the epitome of change. Even as you work through the uncertainty of today, it’s essential to let past reactions inform your future risk plan.

    As you plan your company’s standard work to withstand the next disruptions, take note of how you integrate:

    • Communication Plan
    • Financial Impact
    • Product or Service Impact
    • People Impact
    • Supply Chain Disruptions
    This session will highlight tools to guide you to craft a disruption plan that will limit the negative impacts of the next inevitable change.

    Thank you to our Content Leader: