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    The TMA Education Foundation raises, manages, and grants funds for deserving programs that accomplish the following goals: increase the pool of qualified candidates for careers in precision tooling, machining, and manufacturing; encourage men and women to pursue these careers; improve the image of manufacturing; and sustain, improve, and expand manufacturing technology education. 

    The TMA Education Foundation is dedicated to improving, sustaining, and promoting manufacturing technology education and encouraging the pursuit of careers in the industry.

    In 1987 formed under the vision to increase awareness of manufacturing careers in high schools, promote manufacturing careers, and encourage manufacturing technology training the Tooling & Manufacturing Association (TMA) established a 501(c)3 Education Foundation. The Board of Directors created the fund-raising Education Foundation to promote a new age in manufacturing and the need for motivated, innovative, intelligent young people to train for tomorrow’s careers; and the need for improved training facilities and programs in the Chicago area.

    TMA Education Foundation has donated over $950,000.00 in machinery, software, equipment, awards, competitions, instructors, research, credentialing and scholarships. Through a shared mission, TMA Education Foundation and TMA work together to support manufacturing through technical education programs, outreach and promotion of manufacturing careers.  TMA supports the foundation to be successful in a variety of ways that includes, but not limited to staff support.