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    Insurance Products and Consulting for Manufacturers

    Providing employer sponsored group health, dental, life, and disability insurance consulting as well as voluntary employee paid benefit products.

    TMA Benefit Services, Inc. (TMA-BSI) is the only insurance agency in Illinois that is owned by the manufacturing community and that uses its profits to support services for manufacturers. As a full service insurance agency, TMA-BSI provides a full range of products and services from leading insurance carriers. Insurance options include:
    • Group Insurance (Life, Dental, Disability, Personal Insurance Products)
    • Voluntary Programs
    • Executive Planning
    • Property and Casualty
    • HR Administration
    Our program provides members with a stable, long-term solution to business insurance needs by eliminating the rate peaks and valleys typical of traditional for-profit companies and by returning profits to chapters and individual members, rather than into the accounts of major insurance company shareholders.

    Similar to a credit union, by banding together in cooperation, we can provide a service to each other while ensuring profit participation.

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